ADZ News 14.09.2017 – Short overview of the latest progress

I felt the need to shoot this video because there was something which I wanted to share with you. There are some signs which show that it doesn’t take long once ADZbuzz member base will explode and ADZcoin price will shoot up like a space rocket. Watch the video and you will see what I mean 🙂  


  • The Progress Of Decreasing The Supply Of ADZcoin   1:23
  • The Growth Of ADZbuzz   5:16
  • The Price Of ADZcoin   16:45

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  1. During the time I make this comment, look like the total Adz receive is 8934356.00003 while total ADZ circulation is going up fast to 59803943.8514. Fast mining? Do you know what happen here Armin

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