ADZcoin burn report – 30.05-06.06.2018

ADZcoin burn report for the period of 30.05-06.06.2018

ADZcoins burned by advertisers – 32 809 ADZ
(Coins which are exchanged for ADZbuzz Ad Credits to advertise in ADZbuzz network)

ADZcoins bought from the market by ADZbuzz (Buy Back) – 30 940 ADZ
(Coins which are bought from the market by ADZbuzz using the profit ADZbuzz has made)

ADZcoins burned by ADZbuzz –  15 470 ADZ
(50% from ADZbuzz’s coin purchase will be burnt to increase the scarcity and the value of ADZcoin) 

Total ADZcoins burned during the period – 48 279 ADZ

Total ADZcoins burned so far – 15 467 378 ADZ

Total value of Ad Space bought – $268 266  (Total value depends on the price of ADZcoin)

Every burnt ADZcoin increases the value of every existing ADZcoin due to the basic economic rule of Demand and Supply. 

Please refer this post to get info on ADZbuzz Buyback Program and why ADZbuzz is able to burn more and more coins continuously.

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