ADZ World’s BZX Masternode Pool Week 4

The fourth week with the masternode pool has passed by and time for the overview 🙂

Usually, you have to own at least 10,000 BZX to activate a masternode. But masternode pool gives everyone the option to earn from masternode rewards. Even if you have only 1000 BZX, you can still earn from the blockchain.
More info about ADZ World’s Masternode Pool can be found here.

The Fourth Week

11 masternodes were running for a full week giving the total revenue of 4 290 BZX.  So the ROI for the third week was 3.9%.

Last week I activated 3 additional masternodes making it 14 in total now. 

The total deposit is 99 900 BZX and the total earning in four weeks is already 9 732 BZX. 

Here is the list of lucky ones who have earned from the fourth week 🙂

 Total DepositLast WeekTotal Earned
 99 900 BZX3 382 BZX9 732 BZX
Roman S10 000 BZX423.13 BZX1 628.67 BZX
Dimitrije J3 200 BZX135.50 BZX573.48 BZX
Mawkin7510 000 BZX415.46 BZX1 427.45 BZX
David T8 100 BZX293.89 BZX977.75 BZX
Pushpa5 000 BZX204.53 BZX636.80 BZX
Sipho2 500 BZX102.27 BZX351.29 BZX
Kristiina1 600 BZX67.15 BZX204.79 BZX
Marianna7 000 BZX283.79 BZX874.95 BZX
El Alami6 900 BZX279.95 BZX862.74 BZX
R Iyer10 000 BZX407.79 BZX1 252.68 BZX
Lvdv10 000 BZX386.02 BZX526.52 BZX
Jan B11 100 BZX362.86 BZX395.26 BZX
Terry T10 000 BZX19.38 BZX19.38 BZX
Florin4 500 BZX0.00 BZX0.00 BZX


Click on the picture below to enlarge the full report.

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