How do you like the idea of earning money while watching YouTube videos on personal development?

It is now possible!

I’m rewarding people who are watching my YouTube videos and helping me to spread my message. Rewards go from 5 BZX to up to 500 BZX a week.

All you have to do to be able to earn FREE BZX is to watch my YouTube videos listed HERE ON THIS PAGE and complete some simple tasks.
Those tasks are:

  • Comment the video on YouTube
  • Share the video on another social media platform
  • Answer a specific question to which the answer is found in the video

You can complete all of them or you can choose any specific task that you would like to complete.

After completing the task, you HAVE TO MAKE A REPORT of your action(s). For this, send me a message in Telegram, Facebook or send me an email at

The report should include the following info:

  • If you comment: Send me the link of the video you commented.
  • If you share: Send me the link of the shared post
  • If you answer the question: Send me the answer to the question


Rewards for completing the required actions:


  • Every comment will get 10 BZX each


  • Every share will get 5 BZX

Answering the question

  • Every correct answer will get 25 BZX
  • Every correct answer will give a spot on Weekly Jackpot* drawing (Drawings are being done live on every Sunday at 5 pm GMT on my YouTube channel)

* Weekly Jackpot – 10% of my weekly masternode earnings (about 500 BZX at the moment).

EDIT! Two good Buzzex members have lent their hand supporting this Giveaway and because of their donations, prizes for Giveaway are much, much higher 🙂
1. All tasks will give higher rewards
(1000 BZX will be spread between tasks)

  • 150 BZX to the sharing pool 
  • 300 BZX to the commenting pool
  • 550 BZX to the correct answer pool

2. The jackpot is 2x 1500 BZX (Yes there will be 2 winners for the jackpot)
3. Multiple rewards to live viewers

NOTE! If you participate in ADZ World’s BZX Giveaway, you confirm that you have read all the rules and act according to those rules. If you miss following the rules exactly as stated above you may lose your chance to earn the rewards.


!!! BONUS !!!

As I have a Masternode Pool where even those who don’t have 10,000 BZX themselves can benefit from masternode rewards. The minimum requirement to participate in Masternode Pool is 1000 BZX. So if your total earnings from BZX Giveaway will exceed 1000 BZX, I can add your BZX to the Masternode Pool so you could start earning more BZX passively.
This is a chance you wouldn’t want to miss 😀

Read more about the Masternode Pool here.

NB! If you don’t want to miss new giveaways and live broadcasts, you are more than welcome to join ADZ Giveaway’s Telegram Channel. No chatting, only announcements 🙂 so feel free to leave notifications on and get new announcements straight to your smartphone.

Videos listed in ADZ World's BZX Giveaway

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Question: What was different between bushes when I continued my walk?

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Question: Where did I look most of the time when I made an interview?

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