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ADZ World

Your knowledge base for ADZbuzz and ADZcoin.

On this website you’ll find everything you need or want to know about ADZbuzz, ADZcoin and the rest of the ADZbuzz Network.

Buzzer suur valge


A content discovery platform that will change the social media world. 

A platform which rewards its users and helps web publishers to gain back the lost revenue from ad blockers.

ADZcoin ikoon


A crypto currency that has a real asset tied to it – ad space in ADZbuzz network.

A crypto currency that has a constantly increasing demand and which supply decreases with every single day.


If this is your first time on this site and you don’t know anything about ADZbuzz I would recommend to start from: “What is ADZbuzz”.

If you are already little familiar with ADZbuzz and it’s concept but would like to find out more, then choose the topic which interests you the most.

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