My Journey To Financial Freedom – November 2017

I haven’t shared much about my progress to financial freedom lately because I have been so busy with other things (another excuse, I know 😉 it is always up to the priorities and willingness to do or not to do). A lot has happened from the last time I shared my progress. I have quit many programs and stuck with just few long term business opportunities. It takes too much space to share everything what has happened so I will share only what my current opportunities are and how they have been working out for me. Maybe you can find something for yourself too 😉


If you have been following me, you know that ADZbuzz is my main long term business. And it has a good reason for that. I feel completely safe while building it because there is zero change to get scammed with it 🙂 I do not have to rush building it. I can take my time without worrying how long it will stay. With many other businesses you have to have a strategy: “fast in, fast out”,but not with ADZbuzz 🙂
ADZbuzz is here to stay and will make many fresh millionaires along the way. ADZbuzz is currently at the last stages of coming out of BETA and will soon be ready to be promoted to the whole world. There is no better time to join it 🙂

My progress

Just few weeks ago I achieved another big milestone in ADZbuzz. My earnings from the platform exceeded 20 000 ADZ. You can read more about it in my post.
In the summer I also reached over 100K with the total holdings. Now I have already far more than 100K 🙂

The overall profit in value at the end of November was 185%. Yes, it is not much compared with the time I have been with ADZbuzz, this is because the value of ADZcoin hasn’t changed much. But….but as I´m earning free ADZcoins every day (about 30 to 70 ADZ every day), my financial future will be completely secure 🙂 Once ADZbuzz kicks off and ADZcoin’s value along with it, I do not have to work ever again (at least for money)  😀

!!Join ADZbuzz for free!!

Here are my earnings from last 3 weeks (total = 1379.55 ADZ)

Powerhouse Network

Powerhouse Network LTD is another business which has my trust. The owner of Powerhouse Network, Darren Bradbury is a friend of mine who is very transparent and has a great work ethic. Unfortunately we cannot trust anyone nowadays but as much as I have seen happening in Powerhouse Network and how much work has been done I know that Darren will do anything to make this company one of the best companies for financial freedom seekers.

The company has tried  many different business models during the last year and finally has stuck with crypto currency niche (From July of 2017) They have built their own mining farm to be free from third party problems.

At the middle of November they announced their own ICO which has really interesting business model. Basically by purchasing their crypto currency, called Polaris, you will have a share from their mining farm and by holding Polaris you will start to get dividends from company’s profit. You can read the whitepaper to know more about it.

It is definitely something which you should consider to add to your portfolio …. if you are into crypto currencies of course 🙂

Soon they will introduce trading tree. The system is built like matrix but only 20% comes from the matrix itself. The rest, 80% comes from trading.  I don’t know how it exactly works yet so I cannot say much about it. I´m going to try it out and then I can share my experience with it.

My Progress

I started my journey with Powerhouse on 18th of July. My total investment is $140.

Today at the moment of writing this post the total value of my mining contracts is $393.90 so the ROI is 281% in less than 5 months. Not bad, not bad at all I guess 😉

NB! Those earnings are not typical as I have active referrals who have helped me to achieve this. So a big “Thank you!” is very appropriate here.

As this is a long term business and to get a decent residual income I should increase my investment which I’m planning to do very soon. Other way I have to wait one whole year to earn 5 bucks a day for example.

You can download my Powerhouse Mining calculator to see the potential earnings and build your own strategy.

NB! I have also got 360 Polaris tokens because of the referral commission. Some of my referrals have purchased Polaris tokens and I have received tokens as a reward. Thank you again! 🙂

Join Powerhouse Mining and start mining crypto currencies or purchase Polaris ICO by clicking this link

You can read more about Powerhouse Network and watch the my interview with the owner here

Skyway Capital

Another long term investment opportunity which promises huge ROI for early investors.
Watch this presentation to get a better overview

And here is the fresh video where you can already see the actual work and products 🙂

My Progress

As this is so called pre investment where you invest before the actual assets or stocks are available in the market, there is no ROI yet 🙂

There are many different investment packages and the smallest one is $250. This is also the package which I purchased. You have the option to pay the total amount in parts. For example I chose the option where I can pay $25 every month (except the first month where I paid $50). With my $250 I got 25 000 shares. And somewhere in 2018 when the company goes to the market those shares will be worth $1 each already (Which is whooping 10 000% ROI). If the company succeeds and brings what it has promised to bring of course 🙂 

!!!Join SkyWay here!!!


With Electroneum, I went with the hype 🙂
It got so much attention and many good crypto guys are seeing a huge potential in Electroneum. It is mainly because it is the only crypto currency which is mineable with your smartphone. This alone will make Electroneum the most known crypto currency in the world very fast. Download app, press “mine” and you are earning Electroneum daily 🙂
Electroneum ICO was the biggest ICO in crypto currency history. They gathered over 40 million $ with token sales.
Visit their website to know more.

With the security reasons, the app and wallets are not accessible at the moment. You can get more information on all that from their Facebook page

At the moment ETN is tradable only in Cryptopia. All major exchanges will come once the access to wallets
and mobile app is granted.

My Progress

 At the time of ICO the price for one Electroneum was just $0.01 and with some bonuses and referral commission I got total of 15 720 ETN with my $143 investment. Today Electroneum is trading around 0.1 USD which means current ROI is about 1000%

I believe the price will drop a lot once people who purchased Electroneum ICO will get access to their wallets. Who would not want to get 500%….1000% ROI 🙂 So once wallets will be accessible we will see heavy drop in the price because of huge amount of sell orders.

Be prepared for that and keep your funds ready to purchase ETN when the price drops.

After people have sold their coins and mobile app will go live we will see the price go up much higher than the current price 🙂

Day trading

This is something which I started just recently, in the middle of October.

I have done Forex trading long time ago and one day it hit me. In Forex if you know the long term trend, it is very easy to be profitable with your trades. But the Forex is unpredictable and manipulated by big corporations so it is very hard to predict the future market. In crypto though it is much easier 🙂 So the idea came if I can pick the right crypto currency which has an upward trend for many months and years to come it would be very easy to use the experience I got from Forex many years ago.

At first I though I should choose bitcoin as it has huge upward trend but then I realized I can actually kill two flies with one hit. I use bitcoin as my base currency to trade and I trade against something which has even more potential than bitcoin. And of course I didn’t have to look far. Once ADZbuzz will go mainstream ADZcoin will have a constant demand from the company itself which makes it the best choice to make my idea reality 🙂

The choice was made and I spent $300 (which was left from my cars sale) to purchase bitcoins. Yes I sold my car as my financial situation was already so bad. And it was the best choice 🙂 Because I got rid of depts and I had some extra funds to purchase Electroneum and of course bitcoins to start my day trading journey

And oh man, the idea to start trading with the money which was left from car sale was the best choice. Now I have already over $1000 in my trading account 🙂

The current amount is not from just $300 though. The refund ($140) which I got from Crypto Life I used to start trading with Electroneum as I believe this also has very bright future for long term.

So the total investment for trading is about 440 bucks and with today’s bitcoin price ($13 000) the value of total trading holdings is almost $1400. So the ROI is staggering 380% and this in 6 weeks of trading 🙂
Plus as the ADZcoin daily volume is very very low, there are many, many days when I cannot trade with ADZcoins at all. And I have still managed to get this kind of ROI. The average daily return has been 1.5% and this is without considering BTC price rise. Do get this kind of return with such a low trading volume is pretty good I think 😉

It all will change once ADZbuzz optimization is over and ADZbuzz buy back program will start. ADZbuzz starts to purchase ADZcoins from the market itself and this will give ADZcoin a constant demand and the volume it needs to shoot up like a rocket 🙂 

PS I have already started withdrawing from my trading accounts. I have paid last two monthly Skyway payments with my earnings 🙂


Day trading has really kickstarted everything. It is so nice to be able to use my profits to fund other opportunities. No need to use my regular salary anymore. I have done It already with Skyway and I will do it with Powerhouse too. The idea to start trading with the money I had left from car sale was really the best idea 🙂

With the pace like this 1.5% a day I can make a nice Christmas present for myself. I believe I have deserved it 😉 Not giving up on failures and staying positive no matter how hopeless the situation may seem is starting to pay off big time.

Future looks bright and 2018 will be my year 😀

PS! If you have any questions about any of the mentioned opportunities don’t hesitate to contact and ask more info 🙂

And to end this post, here are the overall gains from all current opportunities.

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  1. Very nice Armin, I enjoy reading it all, and congrats on your sucess, wish you achieve your financial freedom in 2018. 🙂

    1. Thank you for nice words. If I achieve financial freedom in 2018 it means you will achieve it too as we are in many programs together 🙂

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