First 5 Important Steps To Build An Online Business With ADZbuzz

1. Claim Your Daily ACT (ADZbuzz Community Tokens) (Video)

  1. Click “Communities” on the left sidebar and choose “Own A Community”
  2. a) Make sure you are in “Tokenized” tab.
    b) Choose “Hide Fully Owned Communities”
    c) Choose your preferred community and click “Claim”
  3. Check that the ACT you are going to claim, belong to the community you chose and click “Claim”

2. Sell Your ACT For Profit Or Hold Your ACT To Create A Passive Income.

  1. Option One – You can Sell your claimed ACT in adzX (ADZbuzz Exchange).
    Tutorial 1 (How To Transfer Funds/Tokens To adzX)
    Tutorial 2a (How To Buy & Sell With The Current Price)
    Tutorial 2b (How To Buy & Sell With Your Preferred Price)
  2. Option Two – Hold your claimed ACT and create a Passive Income. By holding ACT from a certain community, you are qualified to receive part of the community’s daily revenue.

3. Use Your Earnings To Buy More ACT (Video)

You can use your earnings that you receive from the ACT you hold to buy more ACT in adzX (ADZbuzz Exchange) and increase your passive earnings even more.

NB! Two optional steps to increase your earnings

4. Become A Gold Member

If you want to get the most out of ADZbuzz and enjoy all its benefits you should become a Gold Member. More info on all the benefits is found here.
ADZ World’s Gold Member page

5. Share Your Affiliate Links With Your Friends And Followers

ADZbuzz has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs and it would be a shame not to use it. Read more about it on ADZ World’s Affiliate Marketers page.
You can access your promotional tools by clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner and choose either “Affiliates” or “Affiliate Tools”.

6. Enjoy Your Earnings 🙂

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