ADZ Tutorials – ADZbuzz earning pools explained

In this tutorial I will cover all the earning pools which you can see in your ADZbuzz Earning dashboard. What every pool means, how you can qualify to get earnings from that pool and also how you can increase your income with every specific pool. Enjoy 🙂

I have also categorized pool types for easier understanding. Which pool gives you passive income and which does not.


  • 100% Active –You have to be active to get earnings, no activity = no earnings
  • Semi Active – You need to be active to get earnings but you will not miss any earnings on days which you are not active.
  • Semi Passive – Little work needs to be done to get passive income
  • 100% Passive – Completely passive income where you don’t have to do anything to earn.

Pools detailed explanation

PS! The order is according to the percentage how much is separated from total earnings to a specific pool.

There are 2 options for this pool:
Option One: Site owner has installed ADZlink.
Option Two: Site owner hasn’t installed ADZlink.

  • What is it? Earnings from the site/blog that has ADZlink connected to it.
  • How to qualify? Install ADZlink to your site/blog and if you don’t have any, you need to create one. NB! Your site must have a paid domain to be qualified.
  • How to increase you earnings? Create more interesting content and get more traffic to your site/blog. Easiest way is to share your content via ADZnouncer

If the site owner hasn’t installed ADZlink, Publisher’s Pool earnings will be spread as follows:

  1. 50% accumulates and will be paid to the publisher once ADZlink is installed
  2. 25% accumulates and will be paid to publisher’s referrer once ADZlink is installed
  3. 25% is awarded outright to the community owner/manager (on top of the Community Owners Pool) or accumulates for the future community owner and will be paid once Community Tokens are being purchased. The percentage depends on the amount of Tokens purchased.
  • How to qualify? Purchase ACT (ADZbuzz Community Tokens) and receive 25% from the total Publisher’s Pool. 
    Note! You will stop receiving earnings from this pool once the publisher installs ADZlink.
  • How to increase your earnings?
    • Purchase more ACT.
    • Build up the community. More activity in the community will return higher earnings.
  • What is it? Earnings from a community which ACT (ADZbuzz Community Tokens) you own.
  • How to qualify?
    • Free Option – Claim your daily 100 ACT  with ADZbuzz community airdrop. Watch the video on how to do it.
    • Paid option – Purchase ACT (ADZbuzz Community Tokens in ADZbuzz Exhange or through Flash Sale.
  • How to increase your earnings?
    • Grow the community by inviting more members – More activity means more earnings.
    • Share content manually. Manual sharing creates more activity and that means more earnings again. The more you share, the more you earn 🙂
  • What is it? Passive earnings by being a Gold Member. The revenue is evenly distributed among all members with an active Gold membership subscription.
  • How to qualify? Purchase ADZbuzz Gold Membership
  • How to increase your earnings? At the moment you cannot increase your Member’s Pool 1 earnings, everything is up to how high ADZbuzz’s daily revenue is.
  • What is it? Earnings which you get with your VIP status. The revenue is being distributed among all VIP members according to the VIP percentage anyone has. (Option to buy VIP is not available anymore).
  • How to qualify? Have at least 1/10 of a VIP spot. Unfortunately, you cannot buy VIP.
  • How to increase your earnings? You cannot increase VIP earnings, everything is up to how high ADZbuzz’s daily revenue is. 
    PS! As VIP spots are limited, earnings from this pool will increase over time tremendously.
  • What is it? Earnings from your referral’s activity and earnings. You are getting up to 50% commission every time your referral uses a paid ADZbuzz service or purchases ADZbuzz product.
    Plus you will earn a percentage of your referrals earnings which he/she gets from his/her earning pools. The average you will get is 10% to 15% and it depends on the pools they earn.
    You will get the commission from the following referral pools:
    • Members Pool 1
    • Members Pool 2
    • VIPs Pool
    • Community Owners Pool
    • DFY Participants Pool
  • How to qualify? Have at least one referral who gets earnings from at least one of the mentioned pools.
  • How to increase your earnings? Help your direct referrals earn more. Even if ADZbuzz is not multi-level marketing system, you still increase your earnings whenever your direct referral earns more. It is like a match up bonus.
  • What is it? Commission from your referrals who have purchased Gold Membership.
  • How to qualify? Have at least one referral with Gold Membership status.
  • How to increase your earnings? The commission is being distributed to all members who referred active Gold members based on the number of Gold members they referred. That means more Gold Member referrals you have, higher your earnings will be.
  • What is it? Earnings from your referral who has a site/blog with ADZlink and who is getting earnings from Publisher’s Pool.
  • How to qualify? Have a web publisher as your referrals.
  • How to increase your earnings? Invite more publishers to ADZbuzz 🙂
    There is nothing much you can do to increase earnings from the current Publishers Pool. Maybe share the site content in social media and get more traffic to the site this way.
This is completely separate pool which revenue is created by advertising affiliate products inside ADZbuzz.
  • What is it? Passive earnings which you get when you store your coins in ADZbuzz ad wallet and enable DFY (Done For You System) More info here
  • How to qualify? Send your ADZ to ad wallet and activate DFY. Watch tutorial on how to do it.
  • How to increase the daily amount? Store more coins in DFY 🙂 Everything else is out of your reach.

I hope this tutorial gave you a better understanding of what each pool means, how to qualify and also how you can increase the earnings in each separate pool.

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