50 000! Yeeeeesh!

50 000? Yesh, 50 000! My earnings from ADZbuzz have exceeded this beautiful milestone. It has taken me 15.5 months to reach that amount. Perseverance and not giving up is what makes the difference at the end 🙂

Yes, in USD the total earning isn’t that much but as the price of ADZ is at it’s lowest at the moment the only way is up from here 🙂 For example at its peak which was at the end of 2017 (at the same time as Bitcoin’s peak) when the price of ADZ was $0.15, total earnings would be worth $7 500 and last days earnings (634 ADZ) would be worth almost $100.

This is just the beginning. The price of ADZ can easily hit dollars before this year ends. How much my earnings would be worth then? This I leave to your imagination 🙂
NB! Earnings are not typical and may vary.

And I’m not worried if it doesn’t reach that amount. ADZbuzz is a real and long-term business where I’m earning every single day. As a matter of fact, the longer the price stays low, the more I earn in ADZcoin. That means I will own more ADZ and the more ADZ I own, the higher the total value will be at the end. So there is no hurry, as long as I’m getting my daily ADZ 🙂

Never let F.E.A.R dictate your life

I have spent countless hours in building ADZbuzz business and have faced many doubters along the way, (still am 🙂 ) but nothing will stop me from creating my dream life. I will not rest before I achieve that financial freedom many of us are dreaming of but where only a few will take the needed action. And the action is the main formula that separates us from our dreams.

Why are most of us not taking that first step, why we hesitate? It is Fear, fear of the unknown, fear of a failure. But what fear actually is? Fear – False Evidence/Expectations Appearing Real.

Fear is something which is not actually real. We always fear something which is in the future, something which hasn’t happened yet and which only MIGHT happen. The fear usually starts with “what if…”
But, but the future does not exist, the future is only the imagination of our mind. So why we let something which only appears real to dictate our lives? Hope you get the point 😉
Sorry, I got carried away a little here. This wasn’t the topic I wanted to talk about although it’s a much-needed topic and this “fear thing” is the main reason why most people will not make the first step towards their dreams.

Not the case with me though. So what if I fail, so what if people point the finger afterward and say: “I told you so”. Life will still go on … if it does 😉 and if it doesn’t, even then it’s not a problem, we all have to leave this place anyway at the end 🙂

I feel it in my gut

This time though, the failure is not an option. I can already feel the taste of the victory, I can already see the finish line. I already feel the success in my hands and I know it doesn’t take long anymore to get what I have tried to accomplish for so many years. There’s no time to rest though, no time to sit back and relax. Last efforts are probably the most important ones and all ADZbuzzers know that. We need to work together and push ourselves. This way we can enjoy the fruits of ADZbuzz in the end and live our dream life.

Many lives will be changed definitely.

Now is the time

Message to all who haven’t joined this amazing opportunity yet. Now is the right time, now is the time to take action. There is nothing for you to lose. You can start earning already today by simply claiming your free 100 ACT (ADZbuzz Community Token). By claiming and accumulating those tokens every single day, you are on your way to passive income. Every ACT (What is ACT) represents a share of a specific community in ADZbuzz and all community earnings will be divided between all ACT owners.

If you have a little investor in you, then let me tell you that this is probably the best time to invest in ADZcoin. The price hasn’t been so low ($0.016…$0.018) for over a year (last time it was that low was in May 2017) and the platform is almost ready to go viral. Few more changes and then the most crucial parts are ready for the masses to flow in.

Act now and forget that “What if…”. You will not find another such a great opportunity again. And never hesitate to contact me to know more about this. See you inside.

NB! Never invest more than you can afford to lose!

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