ADZ Giveaway Is Back!

As the earning algorithm has changed and I’m earning quite a lot from my communities I have decided to bring back the ADZ Giveaway. And this time with an even bigger winning pool 🙂

I’m giving away 25% of my earnings instead of the previous 10%. Every single week I will choose random persons who have participated in ADZ Giveaway and will spread 25% of my last week’s earnings with them. The drawing of the winners will be done in a live broadcast again.

How to participate?

  1. Join any of the communities listed below. The more communities you join the bigger your chance to win
  2. Join my ADZbuzz Blog’s Community in ADZbuzz
  3. Comment at least one post a week in any of the communities
  4. Find the current week’s post in my ADZbuzz Blog’s Community and copy the link of the post you commented under that post.
  5. Join the live broadcast to win bonus rewards

The voting & reward system

  • Every community has a separate winning pool and the total Giveaway pool will be spread evenly among all communities
  • You will get one vote per day from every community (max 10 votes a day as there are 10 communities in total and the total for the whole week is 70 votes)
    Note! You will not get more votes if you comment more than one post in the same community in one day. But as the earnings depend on the activity of the community you will increase the earnings of that community which also increases the winning pool of the ADZ Giveaway
  • Every week I will choose a 3 random winnerr from every community in a live broadcast
  • Bonus rewards for those who join the live broadcast and know the answers to my questions (questions are about my blog and ADZbuzz overall).
  • After your name has been announced as a winner, you have 2 weeks to claim your winnings. If the reward will not be claimed, those winnings will be moved to the next week’s ADZ Giveaway

The next live ADZ Giveaway drawing will be held on (date and time will be announced on Wednesday). Don’t miss your chance to stack up some FREE ADZ by completing some simple tasks in ADZbuzz. 

NB! Feel free to participate in ADZ Worlds ADZ Airdrop too. The prices aren’t so high as in ADZ Giveaway but everyone who participates will earn 100%.

Watch the step by step instructions how to participate in ADZ Giveaway and have a chance to win over 500 ADZ a week.

List of the communities which you can join and use to take part of the ADZ Giveaway


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