ADZ Giveaway – Part 21 Live Broadcast

The first drawing of the new ADZ Giveaway winners is upon us. With the current earnings (4 days into the week) the total pool for the ADZ Giveaway will probably be around 1000 ADZ which is the highest pool ever for ADZ World’s ADZ Giveaway. All you have to do to have a chance to win is to comment in any of the communities listed in ADZ Giveaway and share the link of the post you commented to the ADZ Giveaway group in ADZbuzz. In live broadcast I will also announce the winners of ADZ World’s  ADZ Airdrop.

The first live broadcast of the ADZ Giveaway 2 will happen on Sunday 12th of August at 6 pm GMT. This time I will use the Zoom application for the live drawing. The link to the live broadcast is here. If you haven’t used Zoom before, you have to download the application first, so make sure you join the live event at least 5 minutes before it starts so you can have enough time to set everything up properly.

Download Zoom application here.
Refer to this video to know how to join the Zoom meeting.

In addition to the random drawing of the winners who commented in communities, I will also reward live viewers with bonus prizes. So don’t miss your chance to win even more ADZ 🙂
See you on Sunday 🙂

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