ADZ Giveaway 21 (12.08.2018) done :)

Bad news first, I have to disappoint you, I forgot to click the record button during the live video so no recording this time 🙁 It was my first live event with the Zoom and there were many “surprises” 😉

But the good news is, there were many winners in this ADZ Giveaway and the total reward which was given out was 980 ADZ 🙂  and that’s not all, 370 ADZ will be moved to the next weeks ADZ Giveaway, making the next week’s winning pool even bigger 🙂
So, sorry for messing up with the recording, you have to settle with the writing only. Will try to do it better next time 🙂


Winning pools were spread as follows:

ADZ Airdrop (commenting and liking YouTube videos)

  1. Abdul Samad 10 ADZ (1 like)
  2. Valentina Janic 25 ADZ (1 like and 2 comments* (*she commented videos which were not part of ADZ Airdrop but I decided to reward her with 50% still 🙂 )
  3. Kristiina Ruben 15 ADZ (1 comment)

ADZ Giveaway (commenting in communities listed in ADZ Giveaway) Total winning pool 800 ADZ (80 ADZ each community).

  1. – Arthur Neguem 80 ADZ
  2. MindBodyGreen – Arthur Neguem 80 ADZ
  3. Collective-Evolution – no comments, 80 ADZ will be moved to the next week’s giveaway
  4. Awareness Act – no comments, 80 ADZ will be moved to the next week’s giveaway
  5. Gamespot – no comments, 80 ADZ will be moved to the next week’s giveaway
  6. – Medracen Numidie 80 ADZ
  7. Diply – Kristiina Ruben 80 ADZ
  8. MovieWeb – no comments, 80 ADZ will be moved to the next week’s giveaway
  9. Android Central – Medracen Numidie 80 ADZ
  10. My ADZbuzz Blog – Medracen Numidie 80 ADZ

Know the ADZbuzz and my blog (4 questions related to ADZbuzz and my blog) Total winning pool 200 ADZ

  1. How much was the last milestone I achieved with ADZbuzz daily revenue?
    50 000 ADZ – Medracen 50 ADZ
  2. There are books about ADZcoin on my blog. What is the color of those books?
    Black – It took too long for the right answer and we moved to another question (50 ADZ will be moved to the next week’s Giveaway
  3. How many ADZbuzz Community Tokens you will get with ACT credit offer?
    1 500 000 – Arthur Neguem 50 ADZ
  4. ADZbuzz is taking part in a third party developer program at the moment. What is the currency of that program?
    KIN – Arthur Neguem 50 ADZ

Video tutorial contest

I promised to give all my winnings away which I will receive with ADZbuzz video tutorial contest. I won 300 ADZ so I will share this between two random people who liked and upvoted my video “How To Claim Your Free Daily Tokens”. 
Lucky winners are:
  1. Jozef Poler 150 ADZ
  2. Roman 150 ADZ

So the complete list of winners is as follows

  1. Medracen Numidie – 290 ADZ
  2. Arthur Neguem 260 ADZ
  3. Jozef Poler 150 ADZ
  4. Roman 150 ADZ
  5. Kristiina Ruben 95 ADZ
  6. Valentina Janic 25 ADZ
  7. Abdul Samad 10 ADZ

Congratulations to all winners and thank you for taking part in ADZ Giveaway.

NOTE! Those who won in “ADZ Giveaway” and “Know the ADZbuzz and my blog” have to claim their winnings in 2 weeks by just contacting me and giving me their ADZ wallet address. If winnings will not be claimed in 2 weeks, those winnings will be moved to the next week’s ADZ Giveaway increasing the total winning pool that way.

As this week there was 370 ADZ left, those coins will be moved to the next week’s giveaway making it probably even higher than this one. So hurry up and take part of ADZ Airdrop and ADZ Giveaway during the new week to reap the rewards at the end of the week. Plus of course, join my live broadcast next weekend and you have a chance to win even more ADZ. As I have received a feedback that it is too complicated to understand how to exactly participate, I will shoot a video tutorial where I show the exact process what you have to do to win ADZ in Airdrop and Giveaway. Next week’s Giveaway post is found here.

Happy liking and commenting and see you at the next week’s live event.

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