ADZ Giveaway 22 (19.08.2018) Done!

This time I managed to record the live event, although there were some issues still 🙂

The total pool for this week’s Giveaway + Airdrop was 1690 ADZ 😀

The total what was given out was 1406.75 ADZ that means 283.25 ADZ will be moved to the next week’s Giveaway.

Video tutorial contest

I forgot to draw the lucky winners from those who liked and upvoted my last week’s video tutorial post. So I made it after the live event. This week again, I won 300 ADZ with the contest so 150 ADZ will be given to 2 lucky winners.
Lucky winners are:
  1. Shubhra Pokhariya 150 ADZ
  2. TheThunderthief 150 ADZ

Congratulations to all winners and thank you for taking part in ADZ Giveaway.

Watch the video recording of the live event to see all the winners.


NOTE! Those who won in “ADZ Giveaway” and “Know the ADZbuzz and my blog” have to claim their winnings in 2 weeks by just contacting me and giving me their ADZ wallet address. If winnings will not be claimed in 2 weeks, those winnings will be moved to the next week’s ADZ Giveaway increasing the total winning pool that way.

New Week

New ADZ Giveaway will be announced today. As there are still many participants who don’t know what they have to do exactly to participate I will create a step by step video tutorial for ADZ Giveaway too. But you can already start collecting your ADZ with ADZ Airdrop.

More info on the giveaways is found here.

Happy liking and commenting and see you at the next week’s live event.

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  1. Congrats to all the winner. Thanks Armin for the giveaway.

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