ADZ World’s BZX Masternode Pool Week 7-8

The Eighth week with the masternode pool has passed and it is time for the overview 🙂

Usually, you have to own at least 10,000 BZX to activate a masternode. But masternode pool gives everyone the option to earn from masternode rewards. Even if you have only 1000 BZX, you can still earn from the blockchain.
More info about ADZ World’s Masternode Pool can be found here.

The Eighth Week

I had too many masternodes running in my current servers and I started to face issues. So I purchased new servers and spread masternodes evenly between all servers to lower the load on a single server. This took most of my last weekend’s free time and because of that I couldn’t make a report last week.  So this week’s report covers 2 last weeks (7th & 8th).

With the new servers I moved most of my own holdings from the masternode pool  out. That’s why the total number of masternodes is now lower than in the last report.  

One participant had earned enough BZX to set up his own masternode so he decided to withdraw all his earnings and his deposit. I added accumulated earnings and one fresh deposit to the pool where his coins were. This is a good news for those whose funds were added to that masternode as the masternode is already running and there is no need to set up the new one and wait for the activation which now can take up to 2 days.

To make it fair for all participants I took 22% of the earnings and who had at least 100 BZX, those funds were added to the masternode. There is also not much left when I can activate a new masternode. Then all last 2 week’s earnings will be used to activate new fresh masternode. 🙂

Because of the issues and also fresh activation of masternodes after moving them to a new server the earnings are little lower this time.

But here are the numbers:


  • Total earnings for the last 2 weeks were 9,094 BZX. The average weekly ROI was exactly 3%.
  • Total deposit is  134,700 BZX.
  • The total earnings 28,100 BZX

Here is the list of lucky ones who have earned from the sixth week 🙂

 Total DepositLast WeekTotal EarnedWithdrawals
 134 700 BZX8 411 BZX28 100 BZX7 099 BZX
Roman S10 000 BZX741.41 BZX3 282.87 BZX 
Dimitrije J3 200 BZX237.75 BZX1 104.85 BZX 
Mawkin7510 000 BZX729.48 BZX3 054.16 BZX 
David T10 100 BZX576.07 BZX2 264.92 BZX 
Pushpa5 000 BZX356.21 BZX1 433.84 BZX 
Sipho3 000 BZX203.75 BZX775.46 BZX 
Kristiina1 600 BZX118.41 BZX469.96 BZX 
Marianna7 000 BZX498.53 BZX1 988.00 BZX 
El Alami6 900 BZX492.56 BZX1 962.04 BZX 
R Iyer20 000 BZX1 300.90 BZX3 676.38 BZX 
Lvdv10 000 BZX670.67 BZX2 024.34 BZX 
Jan B13 800 BZX478.46 BZX2 254.21 BZX 
Terry T20 000 BZX1 258.66 BZX2 526.66 BZX 
Florin7 200 BZX330.80 BZX650.80 BZX 
Cryptonoob6 500 BZX384.49 BZX599.33 BZX7 099.33 BZX
Panciu1 900 BZX32.49 BZX32.49 BZX 

Click on the picture below to enlarge the full report.

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