ADZ World’s BZX Masternode Pool Week 10

The tenth week (yes, 10 weeks already) with the masternode pool has passed and it is time for the overview 🙂

Usually, you have to own at least 10,000 BZX to activate a masternode. But masternode pool gives everyone the option to earn from masternode rewards. Even if you have only 1000 BZX, you can still earn from the blockchain.
More info about ADZ World’s Masternode Pool can be found here.

The Tenth Week

There were total of 17 masternodes with the full week and 1 fresh masternode with the half week. Just before creating this report, I set up 2 more masternodes. So there are total of 20 mastenodes running in masternode pool 🙂
I will set up even more masternodes tomorrow when I have set up a new server because I have reached the maximum with my current servers.

And here are the numbers for the last week:

  • Total earnings for 17 full week’s masternodes were 5,718 BZX so the average weekly ROI was 3.36%. Not bad 🙂
  • Total deposit is  187,700 BZX.
  • Total earnings are 38,644 BZX

Here is the list of lucky ones who have earned from the tenth week 🙂

 Total DepositLast WeekTotal Earned
 142 600 BZX5 533 BZX38 644 BZX
Roman S10 000 BZX444.94 BZX4 137.71 BZX
Dimitrije J3 200 BZX144.60 BZX1 381.46 BZX
Mawkin7510 000 BZX438.26 BZX3 895.98 BZX
David T10 100 BZX414.91 BZX3 031.97 BZX
Pushpa5 000 BZX215.80 BZX1 846.79 BZX
Sipho3 000 BZX124.58 BZX1 014.48 BZX
Kristiina1 600 BZX71.44 BZX606.63 BZX
Marianna7 000 BZX300.34 BZX2 564.77 BZX
El Alami6 900 BZX297.00 BZX2 532.30 BZX
R Iyer20 000 BZX796.46 BZX5 206.71 BZX
Lvdv10 000 BZX403.76 BZX2 799.94 BZX
Jan B15 800 BZX582.28 BZX3 359.73 BZX
Terry T20 000 BZX758.62 BZX3 982.83 BZX
Florin8 400 BZX276.18 BZX1 170.01 BZX
Cryptonoob8 500 BZX0.00 BZX599.33 BZX
Panciu2 400 BZX69.13 BZX161.89 BZX
Janine5 000 BZX167.95 BZX324.70 BZX
Koffi Kouame2 200 BZX26.40 BZX26.40 BZX

Click on the picture below to enlarge the full report.

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