ADZ World’s BZX Masternode Pool Week 11

The eleventh week with the masternode pool has passed and it is time for the overview 🙂

Usually, you have to own at least 10,000 BZX to activate a masternode. But masternode pool gives everyone the option to earn from masternode rewards. Even if you have only 1000 BZX, you can still earn from the blockchain.
More info about ADZ World’s Masternode Pool can be found here.

The Eleventh Week

There were a total of 18 masternodes with the full week and 8 fresh masternodes with the half week. Yesterday I set up 2 additional mastenodes but they haven’t started earning yet. So the total is now 28 mastenodes 🙂

Mitja, one of the core supporters of Buzzex & ADZbuzz, has sent 4900 BZX to the pool. He wanted the earnings from that to be spread between Masternode pool participants. What a generous guy 🙂
I decided to divide the earnings evenly between those who don’t have enough BZX to set up masternode by themselves. This week the bonus amount (58.80 BZX) was shared between 11 members.


And here are the numbers for the last week:

  • Total earnings for 18 full week’s masternodes were 6,178 BZX so the average weekly ROI was 3.43%. Which was again a little higher than last week🙂
  • Total deposit is  228,900 BZX.
  • Total earnings are 45,614 BZX

Here is the list of lucky ones who have earned from the eleventh week 🙂

 Total DepositLast WeekTotal Earned
 228 900 BZX6 970 BZX45 614 BZX
Roman S10 000 BZX474.37 BZX4 612.08 BZX
Dimitrije J3 200 BZX157.41 BZX1 538.87 BZX
Mawkin7510 000 BZX465.28 BZX4 361.26 BZX
David T12 500 BZX441.45 BZX3 473.42 BZX
Pushpa5 000 BZX234.58 BZX2 081.37 BZX
Sipho3 000 BZX139.26 BZX1 153.74 BZX
Kristiina1 600 BZX83.00 BZX689.63 BZX
Marianna7 000 BZX325.37 BZX2 890.14 BZX
El Alami6 900 BZX321.96 BZX2 854.27 BZX
R Iyer20 000 BZX848.86 BZX6 055.56 BZX
Lvdv10 000 BZX427.83 BZX3 227.77 BZX
Jan B16 300 BZX667.85 BZX4 027.58 BZX
Terry T20 000 BZX805.73 BZX4 788.56 BZX
Florin8 400 BZX325.37 BZX1 495.38 BZX
Cryptonoob8 500 BZX45.60 BZX644.93 BZX
Panciu2 400 BZX89.33 BZX251.21 BZX
Janine5 000 BZX183.52 BZX508.22 BZX
Koffi Kouame2 200 BZX80.24 BZX106.64 BZX
Bovytrading5 000 BZX130.96 BZX130.96 BZX
Deboshree60 100 BZX722.19 BZX722.19 BZX
Christoph10 000 BZX0.00 BZX0.00 BZX
Decryptoz3 400 BZX0.00 BZX0.00 BZX
Bonus POOL*4 900 BZX58.80 BZX58.80 BZX

Click on the picture below to enlarge the full report.

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