Want to earn FREE ADZ and ACT (ADZbuzz Community Tokens)? I can help you with that 🙂

I’m rewarding people who are completing very simple tasks. The rewards can go from 5 ADZ to 5000 ACT. There are 3 separate rewarding systems: Welcome Bonus, ADZ Giveaway, and ADZ Airdrop

Total Payout!

11 493 ADZ
1000 ACT

Welcome Bonus

I have a welcome bonus of 5000 ACT plus 500 ADZ for those who do not have an ADZbuzz account yet and who join ADZbuzz using my affiliate link. The list of my communities and more info on the offer can be found here.

ADZ World’s Adz Airdrop

This is your chance to earn FREE ADZ every week by liking and commenting YouTube videos which are listed in ADZ Airdrop list. Rewards go from 5 ADZ to 15 ADZ for every task.
More info here.

ADZ World’s ADZ Giveaway

NOTE! This will be on hold for some time because of the prelaunch of Buzzex

ADZ World’s ADZ Giveaway has the biggest winning pool with up to 1000 ADZ every week. People who want to have a chance to win have to comment in my communities and every week I’m choosing random winners from every community. All the drawings and winners announcements will be done in a live broadcast every Sunday. This is your chance to stack up quite good amount of ADZ every week by simply commenting in my communities.

CrazyCrypto’s Profit share

NOTE! This will be on hold for some time because of the prelaunch of Buzzex

Another ADZbuzz member is also doing his own giveaway where he trades ADZ on the market and shares 100% of his profit to one lucky winner every week.
More info in the ADZbuzz Forum.

ADZ Giveaway Blog – Follow the weekly process and be up to date with the latest happenings in ADZ Giveaway.

Feel free to join ADZ Giveaway’s Telegram channel to get notifications on new giveaways and live broadcasts so you would not miss any of them. No chatting in that channel, only announcements so you can leave notifications on and get fresh announcements straight to your smartphone.

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